Square One feat. Stella Donnelly

from by Nodes

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After five great years, it ended how it started
6 am sun beams, her eye balls darting
checking for the exit but hey here’s the best bit
she snuck in with the spare, cos she knows where he hides it

dress on the floor and a mess of her thoughts
gets up makes a cuppa, but her hands begin to tremble
cup slips her grasp, hit the hard concrete
the clang of the crash, woke Tommy from his sleep

Jumps to his feet, catch her crying in the kitchen
He’s quick on the drift, knows somethings amiss
Thinks a thousand hypotheticals, each more dire
knows she wouldn’t cry, over decimated china

The wheels set in motion, she wields real emotion
Britney says “Tommy we should call its quits
it’s really just time, you’re a really nice guy”
a deafening silence when Tommy asks ‘why?’


Though I Know, You know
It’s all too common
But all I ever wanted
Was everything I wanted

Tammy was known as a private school princess
Never felt the hard knocks, but had a big heart
Out and about, with Sally by her side
She finds herself in Freo on a Friday night

Tam’s bored, why’d Sally pick a no name bar?
see’s Tom’s on the bill, has a change of heart
Cheeky little Sally heard the news through the grapevine
Tommy’s on the mend, in the market for a rebound

The crowd loves Tom, has 'em bouncing like pogos
Tam’s throwing glances, Tom returnin’ em like yoyos
Skip a few scenes and she’s paying for the Taxi
Good guy Tommy just fucked her in the back seat

Tam looks for her keys, nervous with excitement
Blind drunk Tom sees his iPhone light up
Takes the call, it’s the noble choice
Down the line, the sound of Brit’s broken voice


Though I Know, You know
It’s all too common
All I ever wanted
Was everything I wanted


Triple sec, cranberry, lime juice, vodka
‘Find yourself a new one, a lawyer or a doctor!’
Brits not sure, not been out since college
Crew skips the queue, air kisses to the door bitch

Her song comes on, on the floor she’s alive
22 by Taylor nevermind she’s 25
Brits caught the eye, of a slicked back black suit
round on his visa, gets the girls on side

Slips a cheeky something so Britney will oblige
Bottom of the glass, she knows something is awry
Slide to unlock, in a panic, calls Tom
Shining knight Tom, picks her up, takes her home

Brit says to Tom, once safe in his bed
Thankyou Tom, you’re a really great friend
Tammy’s on a stretcher getting carted away
After taking to the bottle in a really big way


Though You Know, I know
It’s all too common
All I ever wanted
Was everything I wanted

And even though,
It would’ve sent you running
All I ever wanted
Was everything I wanted


from Square One EP, released November 28, 2013
Jakub Dammer (MC), Garon Deutsch (Percussion), Stella Donnelly (Vocals), Chris Young (Guitar)
Produced by Ben 'Hard' Nockolds



all rights reserved


Nodes Perth, Australia

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