Rainy Day Lady

from by Nodes

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Grey skies, arrive, ‘n’ I’m, behind a steering wheel
daily grind grindin’ on me, so I’m feeling real
mellow, kinda coldplay, yellow
stationary drivers with their still wheels below
eyes hypnotized red brake light glow
little wonder where my brain might go
Rain pitta-patter, cars ten-a-penny
thinkin’ rainy day lady one I don’t call baby
up in un-fair weather, like an um-brella
use eachother, i’m her rainy day fella
lady don’t love me, maybe just lonely
but thats cool I ain’t tryna be Rome-
O, I know she dig a slow flow
So I’m tryna give her something for her shoulders roll
to, cos the grind grinds her to
so its two minds aligned, even if hearts don’t do


She lights up my skies even though she don’t sunshine
Even though she don’t sunshine, even though she don’t sunshine
And she drys up my sighs, even though she don’t sunshine
Even though she don’t sunshine, even though she don’t sunshine


Now with our rapport one can wonder why its never more
a 'he' with a 'she' right there, should it ever pour
and its gets better, its vica versa
you expect to believe this, is what they settle for
Well I’m probably messed up as the next chump
At the first sign of sunshine, shes onto the next one
Which is to say the last one, or one shes obsessed on
So I’m not the best, just the best one
she could find at the turn of a dime when the winds come
still smitten from being bitten a first time
Tryna stay fly, acting second time shy
a shelter-from-the-storm-but-keep-a-distance kinda guy
Cos I don’t wanna be at home and
still spinnin’ Bill, Moanin’ and Groanin’
So whether Withers or the weather
I keep it together, Rainy Day Dame, Rainy Day Fella




And then on evenings of shades and greys
wish she could come round to play video games
or play Video Games, as in Lana Del Ray
crazy, but call her maybe, like Carly Ray
Kitchen co-habitants, burning incense
with a cider beside her, to help she insists
I smile and say “Seriously, I got this (salad)
sauce on the side, cos I know you’re carb conscious”

Later on, we’re watching movies of her choosing
later still, we wash the dishes we were using
and later still, muse on, mutual musings
and views, to YouTube dudes, she finds amusing
And should she stay later still
extra pillows in my bed, and disguise the thrill
As we lie, I place my torso on her dorsal
sense her sigh, and so I slide over, a little more-so




No matter the sleep in, the morning calls
there’s rain on the road, but the shines restored
starts to depart, says we’ll speak real soon
I smile and add, if you ever need a big spoon

That's a kinda cold joke, so I hope she’ll laugh
hide my woes as she goes, on her chosen path
but I’m pro at dealing with the aftermath
so I guess I’ll see her, next time its overcast





from Square One EP, released November 28, 2013
Jakub Dammer (MC), Garon Deutsch (Percussion), Stella Donnelly (Vocals), Chris Young (Guitar)
Produced by Ben 'Hard' Nockolds



all rights reserved


Nodes Perth, Australia

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