Paris In Me

from by Nodes

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Its quarter to nine, on a Friday night
man no plans, love to lean back like
nice, empty wallet so the price is right
come on down, like Larry on the price is right

but much less hype,
tonight, I got it slowly
swirl of a deep red, whirl will console me
in a moment, see the minute hand, reach north
try to own it, but seeds of thoughts, creep forth
Its the panache in you that pulls the Paris in me
seek an anonymous you,
with wine in my veins, out the door in haze
rhymes in stride, lift whatever it weighs
Crisp jeans step as bliss dreams crept
to perception,
no things expect, except
maybe a femina for this dreamer, could she move me
make it midnight in Paris, so its sorta like a woody movie


Glow of a streetlight, interrupt her vibe out
ask a forward question but by response seems nice
she smiles, replies with a hi
delight accent,
says she trippin’ from the Chi
I’m high,
like a kite right, I’m jelly at the thigh
cos her voice breaks, when she talks too high
I sigh, I stroll,
she asks would you like assistance
we laugh and analyse street folk from a distance
you’re Chi friends are jealous, the whole earth might
two fly perfect strangers, on a warm Perth night

Find an empty jazz joint, line a cosy corner
club air con on, so we huddle til we’re warmer
fine dime to vibe with, sip chilled wines
Closing time, Semisonic, drink bell chimes

Suns risin’ on us, leavin’ flight is her duty
no shame to gain, so I comment on her beauty


Sun risin’ on us, leavin’ flight is her duty
no shame to gain, so I comment on her beauty
she’s shy, stop you’re embarrassing me
sorry but you pull out the Paris in me


from Square One EP, released November 28, 2013
Jakub Dammer (MC), Garon Deutsch (Percussion), Chris Young (Guitar)
Produced by Ben 'Hard' Nockolds



all rights reserved


Nodes Perth, Australia

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