Carolina Dreaming

from by Nodes

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Red cups, truck caps, new Cadillac careening
Drunk behind the wheel y’kno its Carolina dreaming
Skip class, puff pass, pass on a meeting
P’s get degrees, see its Carolina dreaming

iTunes from iDevices that fill the room’s sockets
dudes down brews, Tuesday night’s f’getting on it
out the door of the dorm in a haze of bubonic
Johnny slips a jimmy, in his wallet in his pocket

Keys as a locket, but still forgets to lock it
Laughs sound off over last night’s topic
Monique on the tonic, moaning something chronic
Johnny made a movie like a Batman comic

The dark night - lit up by cigarette lighters
Lighting J’s, shrugging G’s think “well we might as
Well why not, I’m not at college for the teaching”
When the truths is found, they’re probably Carolina dreaming


Night and day, its really all the same
So find a way, to intoxicate the brain
Fantasies of 3-ways or alcohol that’s prepaid
So much sleep, but never really engaged

Everything’s on tap, accessibly so easily
Not sustainably, but short-term, life can be this easily
Organized, by lower downs, serving students
To save the economy, ofcourse the fight is fruitless

Get Rick’d, as in rolled or Ross’d
Proud parents pants down when they caught the cost
an alien landscape, no concern for cause
Looks like Easton Ellis was closer than we thought he was


High times, white lines, no y’nose ain’t leaking
Fiending for the gear, total Carolina dreaming

Famed for y’ease and y’cleavage heaving
Y’Solo night fearing and Carolina dreaming

Whites so fun when different colours do the cleaning
As long as your polite then your Carolina dreaming

Try pick up, in a pick up, ignore the real nearing
Real might creep, as you sleep and are Carolina dreaming

Red Trucks, Truck Caps
New Cadillacs

Red Trucks, Truck Caps
New Cadillacs


from Square One EP, released November 28, 2013
Jakub Dammer (MC), Garon Deutsch (Percussion), Chris Young (Guitar)
Produced by Ben 'Hard' Nockolds



all rights reserved


Nodes Perth, Australia

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