Square One EP

by Nodes

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Square One is the first release from Nodes. Do we suggest a listen? Yes.


released November 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Nodes Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Paris In Me
Its quarter to nine, on a Friday night
man no plans, love to lean back like
nice, empty wallet so the price is right
come on down, like Larry on the price is right

but much less hype,
tonight, I got it slowly
swirl of a deep red, whirl will console me
in a moment, see the minute hand, reach north
try to own it, but seeds of thoughts, creep forth
Its the panache in you that pulls the Paris in me
seek an anonymous you,
with wine in my veins, out the door in haze
rhymes in stride, lift whatever it weighs
Crisp jeans step as bliss dreams crept
to perception,
no things expect, except
maybe a femina for this dreamer, could she move me
make it midnight in Paris, so its sorta like a woody movie


Glow of a streetlight, interrupt her vibe out
ask a forward question but by response seems nice
she smiles, replies with a hi
delight accent,
says she trippin’ from the Chi
I’m high,
like a kite right, I’m jelly at the thigh
cos her voice breaks, when she talks too high
I sigh, I stroll,
she asks would you like assistance
we laugh and analyse street folk from a distance
you’re Chi friends are jealous, the whole earth might
two fly perfect strangers, on a warm Perth night

Find an empty jazz joint, line a cosy corner
club air con on, so we huddle til we’re warmer
fine dime to vibe with, sip chilled wines
Closing time, Semisonic, drink bell chimes

Suns risin’ on us, leavin’ flight is her duty
no shame to gain, so I comment on her beauty


Sun risin’ on us, leavin’ flight is her duty
no shame to gain, so I comment on her beauty
she’s shy, stop you’re embarrassing me
sorry but you pull out the Paris in me
Track Name: Carolina Dreaming
Red cups, truck caps, new Cadillac careening
Drunk behind the wheel y’kno its Carolina dreaming
Skip class, puff pass, pass on a meeting
P’s get degrees, see its Carolina dreaming

iTunes from iDevices that fill the room’s sockets
dudes down brews, Tuesday night’s f’getting on it
out the door of the dorm in a haze of bubonic
Johnny slips a jimmy, in his wallet in his pocket

Keys as a locket, but still forgets to lock it
Laughs sound off over last night’s topic
Monique on the tonic, moaning something chronic
Johnny made a movie like a Batman comic

The dark night - lit up by cigarette lighters
Lighting J’s, shrugging G’s think “well we might as
Well why not, I’m not at college for the teaching”
When the truths is found, they’re probably Carolina dreaming


Night and day, its really all the same
So find a way, to intoxicate the brain
Fantasies of 3-ways or alcohol that’s prepaid
So much sleep, but never really engaged

Everything’s on tap, accessibly so easily
Not sustainably, but short-term, life can be this easily
Organized, by lower downs, serving students
To save the economy, ofcourse the fight is fruitless

Get Rick’d, as in rolled or Ross’d
Proud parents pants down when they caught the cost
an alien landscape, no concern for cause
Looks like Easton Ellis was closer than we thought he was


High times, white lines, no y’nose ain’t leaking
Fiending for the gear, total Carolina dreaming

Famed for y’ease and y’cleavage heaving
Y’Solo night fearing and Carolina dreaming

Whites so fun when different colours do the cleaning
As long as your polite then your Carolina dreaming

Try pick up, in a pick up, ignore the real nearing
Real might creep, as you sleep and are Carolina dreaming

Red Trucks, Truck Caps
New Cadillacs

Red Trucks, Truck Caps
New Cadillacs
Track Name: Step
Step Fresh

I sneer when I see some, Stationary
Step to provoke folk, hit ‘em heavy
Not physically, but strip away the niceness
step to those, that bully me with politeness

Folk fear outside the lines, which is
like pre-schoolers, colour in pictures
So I Step, try to flip ‘em like switches
Snort at chalk lines tell ‘em what the ‘sitch is

They say, I Hop Scotch, cos I’m not hip hop
I say, with a step, excuse worth squat
As long as you have heart, you feel beat
As long as you have legs, step with feet

Step with soul, like of bottom of shoe
See souls may wear, tryna give up on you
but with so much steppin, bumpkins bound for bumpin’
So STEP to em, and never let that doubt in


Doubt from your inner, call it scept-ticism
that temporal limit, keeping steps in rhythm
Some afraid of fail,
stay still stale,
Step Fresh,
like the first fish that stepped with legs
Onto earth, worldwide, globe-trot’em like Harlem
Step on their visage, like when Ju-lian Assanged ‘em
Step the walk, that got Murdoch caught
And mock, what they flaunt, if they call it free-thought
Wanna Foster My People, with pumped up kicks
Any way step, like DMC did

catch stray looks, learn to look straight past
cats look, jealous at a step-toned ass
Can step with crew, but stepdon’t March
Or left with a Reich, and we know what that starts

Steps are hard, so truths you’ll find
Step hard, like the truths you’ll find
But no truth sting, like lies do
So step true steps, make you define you

Step true step, it's all you gotta do
Step true steps, now on that one two
Step true step, it's all you gotta do
Step true steps, make you define you
Track Name: Square One feat. Stella Donnelly
After five great years, it ended how it started
6 am sun beams, her eye balls darting
checking for the exit but hey here’s the best bit
she snuck in with the spare, cos she knows where he hides it

dress on the floor and a mess of her thoughts
gets up makes a cuppa, but her hands begin to tremble
cup slips her grasp, hit the hard concrete
the clang of the crash, woke Tommy from his sleep

Jumps to his feet, catch her crying in the kitchen
He’s quick on the drift, knows somethings amiss
Thinks a thousand hypotheticals, each more dire
knows she wouldn’t cry, over decimated china

The wheels set in motion, she wields real emotion
Britney says “Tommy we should call its quits
it’s really just time, you’re a really nice guy”
a deafening silence when Tommy asks ‘why?’


Though I Know, You know
It’s all too common
But all I ever wanted
Was everything I wanted

Tammy was known as a private school princess
Never felt the hard knocks, but had a big heart
Out and about, with Sally by her side
She finds herself in Freo on a Friday night

Tam’s bored, why’d Sally pick a no name bar?
see’s Tom’s on the bill, has a change of heart
Cheeky little Sally heard the news through the grapevine
Tommy’s on the mend, in the market for a rebound

The crowd loves Tom, has 'em bouncing like pogos
Tam’s throwing glances, Tom returnin’ em like yoyos
Skip a few scenes and she’s paying for the Taxi
Good guy Tommy just fucked her in the back seat

Tam looks for her keys, nervous with excitement
Blind drunk Tom sees his iPhone light up
Takes the call, it’s the noble choice
Down the line, the sound of Brit’s broken voice


Though I Know, You know
It’s all too common
All I ever wanted
Was everything I wanted


Triple sec, cranberry, lime juice, vodka
‘Find yourself a new one, a lawyer or a doctor!’
Brits not sure, not been out since college
Crew skips the queue, air kisses to the door bitch

Her song comes on, on the floor she’s alive
22 by Taylor nevermind she’s 25
Brits caught the eye, of a slicked back black suit
round on his visa, gets the girls on side

Slips a cheeky something so Britney will oblige
Bottom of the glass, she knows something is awry
Slide to unlock, in a panic, calls Tom
Shining knight Tom, picks her up, takes her home

Brit says to Tom, once safe in his bed
Thankyou Tom, you’re a really great friend
Tammy’s on a stretcher getting carted away
After taking to the bottle in a really big way


Though You Know, I know
It’s all too common
All I ever wanted
Was everything I wanted

And even though,
It would’ve sent you running
All I ever wanted
Was everything I wanted
Track Name: Interlude
Have you ever seen two lost people trying to find their way?
Its like a puppy chasing its tail
Cute, but worrying if it goes on too long
So I take care not to come on too strong…

And when it’s fine its fine, but when she sees clouds on the horizon,
Suddenly, she has her eyes on … me
And she kinda sorta misses feeling dizzy
Sunny days, may not be same chance weather
still, I do love to rain dance with her

so she grabs me by hands and we do-si-do just fine
breaking down storm clouds,
even though she don’t sunshine
Track Name: Rainy Day Lady
Grey skies, arrive, ‘n’ I’m, behind a steering wheel
daily grind grindin’ on me, so I’m feeling real
mellow, kinda coldplay, yellow
stationary drivers with their still wheels below
eyes hypnotized red brake light glow
little wonder where my brain might go
Rain pitta-patter, cars ten-a-penny
thinkin’ rainy day lady one I don’t call baby
up in un-fair weather, like an um-brella
use eachother, i’m her rainy day fella
lady don’t love me, maybe just lonely
but thats cool I ain’t tryna be Rome-
O, I know she dig a slow flow
So I’m tryna give her something for her shoulders roll
to, cos the grind grinds her to
so its two minds aligned, even if hearts don’t do


She lights up my skies even though she don’t sunshine
Even though she don’t sunshine, even though she don’t sunshine
And she drys up my sighs, even though she don’t sunshine
Even though she don’t sunshine, even though she don’t sunshine


Now with our rapport one can wonder why its never more
a 'he' with a 'she' right there, should it ever pour
and its gets better, its vica versa
you expect to believe this, is what they settle for
Well I’m probably messed up as the next chump
At the first sign of sunshine, shes onto the next one
Which is to say the last one, or one shes obsessed on
So I’m not the best, just the best one
she could find at the turn of a dime when the winds come
still smitten from being bitten a first time
Tryna stay fly, acting second time shy
a shelter-from-the-storm-but-keep-a-distance kinda guy
Cos I don’t wanna be at home and
still spinnin’ Bill, Moanin’ and Groanin’
So whether Withers or the weather
I keep it together, Rainy Day Dame, Rainy Day Fella




And then on evenings of shades and greys
wish she could come round to play video games
or play Video Games, as in Lana Del Ray
crazy, but call her maybe, like Carly Ray
Kitchen co-habitants, burning incense
with a cider beside her, to help she insists
I smile and say “Seriously, I got this (salad)
sauce on the side, cos I know you’re carb conscious”

Later on, we’re watching movies of her choosing
later still, we wash the dishes we were using
and later still, muse on, mutual musings
and views, to YouTube dudes, she finds amusing
And should she stay later still
extra pillows in my bed, and disguise the thrill
As we lie, I place my torso on her dorsal
sense her sigh, and so I slide over, a little more-so




No matter the sleep in, the morning calls
there’s rain on the road, but the shines restored
starts to depart, says we’ll speak real soon
I smile and add, if you ever need a big spoon

That's a kinda cold joke, so I hope she’ll laugh
hide my woes as she goes, on her chosen path
but I’m pro at dealing with the aftermath
so I guess I’ll see her, next time its overcast



Track Name: Come Dream With Me
I speak with rhythm
So cats know I’m with ‘em
No, But still swimming
Charming woman, but not winning
With lips dry but hips swinging
No… but minds I’m in ‘em
See I’m sly and grinning
And she’s into sinning
I hear her moan between linen
But then again, it’s a given
With her, thighs like vice, and eyes like “nice”
She smiles for miles, and goes blind like mice
And sighs like thrice, So, why think twice
Is it modesty? Possibly
Maybe I stole affection, like robbery
She’s acting coy, not dogging me
So with swag like so… what stopping me?
I feel frustration dropping me
So no time for pop ‘n’ locking G
I search for answers properly
Honestly, I’m onto thee
And then I saw her on a…
Rainy corner, a black and gold street
Homeward bound, feel that neon-light beat
Heat, through the cold when she came in close
And like D.H. Lawrence our confronted souls
Had momentary relief from a daily pose
The path less traveled, is the path we chose

So… take notice, and see soft focus
And transition… seamlessly
With, mood no mar and film like noir
And ignition…. Come dream with me


A rainy corner, a cornerside apartment
A Neverending story, can’t remember when he started
Cold coffee chilled on an open window sill
Hand on incessant quill, but yet to find his fill

Thoughts by the mil, plans thwarted by the thrill
Biological musts, lusts, tortured by the real
Mental distrusts, mind engaged in memories kiss
From a memory’s miss, or was it memories missed?

Honestly, he feels, the reals just slipped
Dreary, like Dali, the time just drips
A glance shoots to his sheets; thinks ‘call it a night’
But feels dry eyes catch a glimmer of moonlight

Feels like, healing lights, lit up, her essence
Her presence, a present at least for the present
But fleeting, heart beating, her divine intervention
Back to his pen, chained like, pen-like-detention

Ethereal embodiment, seducer of sages
Ill health, broken empires, a muse so dangerous
She ageless, as is the music that she came with
She’s played this, before, chronicle that spans ages
Tries to get her of his mind and onto tan pages
Pleads for relief but his need-to-know basis
Has lines of rhymes, chain-links like slavery
Senses scrape for imaginary imagery

Before she departs her perch, seamlessly
The wind transmits her words, ‘come dream with me’